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We will communicate primarily via email. This is for a few reasons. First, it provides a written record of changes requests and requirements for your site. It also reduces that potential for misunderstandings since everything is spelled out – literally.

Additionally, all of my productive time is spent in front of my computer – and away from my phone. Therefore, my response time to email is much quicker than other communication methods.

Finally, anything we discuss on the phone I’ll eventually ask you to write down, so it’s just easier to skip the middle step.

Upon purchase, you will receive an email containing a secure form. In the form, it is your job to fill out any details we should know – including company name, company description, your goal for the site, color scheme, photos, logos, etc. An agent will get back to you within hours to confirm the information you provided.

If you have your content, photos, and logo ready we can suggest your website will be up and running in under 7 days time, even quicker if everything is done.  In most scenarios working with agencies (our’s included) on custom designed projects you may end up being months before you see a finished product.  With our pre-made sites you’ll be online with a beautiful site quicker then you can imagine.

Don’t get any?

Our support team will assist you